Join us Sunday at 9 AM- Masks Required


We have returned indoors for our consolidated summer service at 9am. We will be celebrating the Eucharist with bread only, and Fr. John will be celebrating from the altar. We will be keeping our masks on, so singing will be allowed.

For everyone's safety, we will still be socially distancing and asking families to sit together. In addition, every other pew will continue to be blocked off to provide 6 feet between parishioners. 

Remember, masks are required at ALL TIMES regardless of vaccination status. This is to protect everyone, as there will be some individuals who can not be vaccinated, including children.

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B-Safe Field Trip - Fun in the Sun!

Each Summer, Grace Church hosts the B-safe event for one week. B-Safe is intended to provide a safe space for inner-city children. During the week children take field trips, play games and have fun. Deb T leads this outreach program each year by hosting events, organizing lunches, and fundraising (raffles). Thanks to Deb, Fr. John and the volunteers who make this week special for children. 

Father John HayRide_edited.jpg

Father "Farmer" John gives tractor rides to B-Dafe youth during the Field Trip visit to Grace.


Fr. John administers the Eucharist to Cathy Noble using our COVID safe protocol. All parishioners are socially distanced, masked, and remain seated. 

Healing Prayers Available

If you are in need of healing prayers, Our healing ministers are available via phone. Please call Grace Church or check your parish directory for Cathy or Deb's phone numbers.  

We also have a list of volunteers, willing to go shopping for anyone who is homebound.  

Please contact  the church at: or by telephone 781-762-0959 if you need anything from our church community.

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