The Rev. R. John Brockmann, Rector

An Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Delaware for 13 years, Father John was also a professor at the University of Delaware for 26 years prior to becoming rector of Grace Church on July 16, 2010. When his wife, the Reverend Sarah Brockmann, accepted a call to become rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Rockland, it was time for the Brockmann family (including two sons and a third son-by-default) to pull up stakes south of the Mason Dixon Line and return to their New England roots. Father John is a trained spiritual director, an experienced hospital chaplain, and is on the governing board ("chapter") of the Anglican Third Order Society of St. Francis, Province of the Americas. An avid bicyclist and gardener, Father John is also the author of some eleven books specializing in nineteenth century nautical history and biography.

When one reads what Francis of Assisi wrote, one is struck by how “unoriginal” most of his compositions were. Most were a pastiche of sacred scripture. Such a composing approach reflected his humility, suggesting that there was nothing higher or truer than Scripture, so he would “write” with the words and phrases of this truest language rather than the paltry inventions of his creation. As a humble Franciscan history of Third Order Anglican Franciscans (tertiaries) in the Province of the Americas, this book uses the composition methods of our 13th-century founder and presents a pastiche of 100 years of voices in the Province of the Americas. Papers, letters or articles written over the last century are presented whole; so, in one fashion, this history is an anthology by many authors. Many gifted people over the last 100 years wrestled with a wide variety of topics in the life of a Franciscan tertiary, and the greatest acknowledgment we can pay to them is to read what they wrote. As 21st-century Internet-experienced “readers,” we are accustomed to a visual presentation of information. Thus you will find these pages filled with over 170 pictures, diagrams, and tables so that this history is also a scrapbook of what we looked like and who we were over the past 100 years. This history also has more flesh and blood stories written by those who experienced them rather than a comprehensive collection of facts.

Click here for link to The First 100 Years in the Americas: 1917-2017: Third Order Society of St. Francis.

Paula King, Music Directress

Paula King was welcomed as the Music Directress of Grace Church in September of 2011. Paula has a B.A. in Music and Studio Art from Wheaton College, a Master Teachers Certificate in Music and Liturgy, and is working toward her degree in pastoral ministry and liturgical music. In addition to her classical piano and organ training, Paula is an experienced vocalist and plays the Irish Tin Whistle. Paula brings liturgy-through-music to a new chapter here at Grace.

Patricia Begin, Parish Secretary


Patty came to work at Grace Church in September of 1997 after spending 20 years in the wholesale/retail ceramic tile business.  Back in 2002 when Grace Church was without a permanent rector, Patty discovered that her job was not, in fact, just a job, but a calling. At a seminar for parish secretaries she first heard the term Secretarial Ministry. It was a kind of an epiphany for her. Patty is very serious about her work here at Grace Church and feels blessed to be able to spread God's word through the media she prints each week.

Roy McHoul, Sexton


Church sexton Roy McHoul began his work at Grace in 2001. A former Vietnam veteran with the U.S. Marines, he and his wife Pat reside in Norwood.  A self-employed contractor by trade, Roy is very committed to the upkeep of the church.