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Understanding the Holy Faiths of Our Neighbors, Today

Join Fr. John in exploring our common treasures of faith to better understand our neighbors. Our book is Mirabai Starr’s God of Love: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam(2012).


We also have the three-part 2017 series, Children of Abraham. This three-part documentary series travels the globe to speak to various figures in the Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities, and attempts to find common ground within the gospels they live by.

To view the video:

YouTube Part I

YouTube Part II

YouTube Part III

OR, watch the series on  Amazon Prime

Schedule for God of Love Book/Movie Discussion Meetings


  • May 12 Between services at 9:20 “All Creation Praises God”, pp. 33-36 Children of Abraham (Pt 1): 1-16

  • May 19 Between services at 9:20 “Reluctant Prophets”, pp. 37-54 Children of Abraham (Pt 1): 17-32

  • May 26 Before 9 AM service at 8:20 “Longing for the Beloved,” pp. 55-68 Children of Abraham (Pt 1):33-48

  • June 2 Between services at 9:20 “Radical Wonderment”, pp. 69-82 Children of Abraham (Pt 2): 1-16

  • June 9 Between services at 9:20 “Welcoming the Stranger”  and “Sacred Service”, pp. 82-128 Children of Abraham (Pt 2): 17-32

  • June 16 Before 9 AM service at 8:20 “Mercy”, pp. 129-152 Children of Abraham (Pt 2): 33-48

  • June 23 Before 9 AM service at 8:20 “Indwelling Presence” & “Still Small Voice”, pp. 153-190  Children of Abraham (Pt 3): 1-24

  • June 30 Before 9 AM service at 8:20 “Fire and Wine”, and Afterword, pp. 191-219 Children of Abraham (Pt 3): 25-48

Reminder for when you read, use the ABCD method for good discussion;

What did you find in the reading that Amazed you, Bothered you, Confused you, or Delighted you.

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